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Ba Yubu Is the Second Most Expensive Video In Zambia

Ba Yubu Is the Second Most Expensive Video In Zambia

Ba Yubu Is the Second Most Expensive Video In Zambia

Ba Yubu by Chef 187 is undoubtedly one of the most popular Zambian music videos in recent times. The video features catchy lyrics, stunning visuals, and a great beat, making it a hit among fans. However, what many people may not know is that the video for Ba Yubu is also one of the most expensive music videos ever produced in Zambia.


Shot by Lanzee Cooper, the Ba Yubu video reportedly cost about K60,000 to produce, which is a significant amount of money for any music video, even by international standards. The video features Chef 187 and his crew dancing and singing in various locations around Zambia, including Lusaka and the countryside.


Despite its high production costs, Ba Yubu has proven to be a huge success, with millions of views on YouTube and widespread airplay on radio stations across the country. Fans have praised the song for its relatable lyrics and catchy beat, and the video has won acclaim for its impressive production quality.


However, despite its high production costs, Ba Yubu is not the most expensive video in Zambia. That title belongs to “You” by Towela featuring Macky 2, which reportedly cost over $30,000 to produce, making it the most expensive video ever made in Zambia.


“You” is another popular Zambian music video, featuring Towela and Macky 2 performing in a range of stunning locations across the country. The video showcases some impressive visuals, and the song has become a fan favorite since its release.


The high costs associated with producing these music videos highlight the growing demand for high-quality productions in Zambia’s music industry. Despite the challenges associated with producing such high-budget videos, these productions have helped to put Zambian music on the map, showcasing the country’s rich culture and talented musicians.


As Zambia’s music scene continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see what other groundbreaking videos will emerge from the country’s vibrant music industry. Regardless of the production costs, the country’s musicians and producers are committed to creating world-class productions that will continue to entertain and inspire fans both in Zambia and beyond.

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