Eli Njuchi – Duwa ( Official Music Video )

Eli Njuchi – Duwa ( Official Music Video )

Malawian singer and songwriter Eli Njuchi has truly outdone himself with the stunning music video for his latest single “Duwa“. The video, produced by Kanchowa Studios and directed by Viny Visuals, is a work of art that flawlessly captures the essence of the song.

Eli Njuchi’s soulful vocals and impressive songwriting skills truly shine in “Duwa”, a captivating love song that is both soothing and emotive. The acoustic guitars and percussion in the song beautifully complement Eli Njuchi’s vocals, creating a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

The video takes us on a journey with Eli Njuchi, and is an evidence of the all Malawian team’s talent and passion for music.

Watch, enjoy and share.


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