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F Jay Joins Jay Rox’s Headphone Music Label

F Jay Joins Jay Rox's Headphone Music Label

F Jay Joins Jay Rox’s Headphone Music Label

Zambia’s music scene is buzzing with excitement as the talented male singer F Jay takes a new step in his career. He’s now a part of the music family called Headphone Music, which is led by the CEO Jay Rox. This announcement was made on the label’s Facebook Page, where they expressed their happiness in welcoming F Jay to his new team.

Before this, F Jay was a member of a music trio known as Urban Hype. This trio included F Jay, along with his friends Thee Ajay and Badman Shapi. They were supported by a company called Nexus Music Entertainments Ltd. This trio was famous for creating great music that people enjoyed. But now, F Jay is ready for a new adventure with Headphone Music.

This change is significant for F Jay, as it means he is moving from one music group to another. It’s like changing schools to learn new things and make new friends. Just like how students move from one grade to another, F Jay is moving from one music label to another to learn and grow.

Headphone Music is excited to have F Jay on board. They believe in his talent and the unique music he creates. This new partnership will give F Jay the chance to work with new people and explore different styles of music. It’s like trying new flavors of ice cream – you never know which one you’ll like the most until you taste it.

Fans of F Jay are curious and excited about this change. They are like the cheering crowd at a soccer game, excited to see their favorite player score a goal. They can’t wait to hear the new songs that F Jay will create with Headphone Music. It is like anticipating a brand new e-book by using your favored writer – you are aware of it’s going to be proper, and also you can’t wait to read it.

This pass additionally suggests that F Jay is prepared for increase.. Just like plants need new soil to grow taller, F Jay needs new opportunities to become an even better singer. Headphone Music is like a fertile field where F Jay can plant new musical ideas and watch them grow into beautiful songs.

F Jay’s decision to join Headphone Music is like finding a shiny gem during the hunt. As he steps onto this new path, fans will be there to support him, just like friends cheering you on during a race.

Headphone Music founder Jay Rox is happy to have F Jay In there Label. It’s like moving to a new city where he can create awesome music with different people. F Jay is ready to learn new ways of music from Headphone Entertainment. Fans are happy to hear the songs he’ll create on this new journey, and they’ll be there supporting him on every step of the way and also it’s time for him to maintain his style .


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