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Fashion Sakala’s Move from Rangers FC to AL-fayha FC

Fashion Sakala's Move from Rangers FC to AL-fayha FC

Fashion Sakala’s Move from Rangers FC to AL-fayha FC

Fashion Sakala jnr, a dynamic and skillful football sensation hailing from Zambia, has orchestrated a seismic shift in his career trajectory. The stage was set with a dramatic departure from the iconic Rangers FC, a club that had witnessed his prowess unfold on the pitch. In a move that resonates with the winds of change, Sakala unveiled his intentions on the digital canvas of his Facebook page. The words echoed like a symphony of transformation, marking the conclusion of his stint with Rangers FC and heralding the dawn of an uncharted voyage to AL-fayha FC of Saudi Arabia.


The footballing cosmos gasped in collective awe as Sakala’s signature graced the AL-fayha FC roster. The announcement was not just a mere transfer; it was a pulsating declaration of his arrival onto a new frontier. The sands of Saudi Arabia beckon, and Sakala heeds their call with a blend of anticipation and audacity. With each stride, each flick of the ball, Sakala’s journey becomes a canvas upon which the narrative of his artistry will be painted.


Sakala’s portfolio boasts attributes that conjure excitement and apprehension in equal measure. His fleet-footedness, reminiscent of a sprinter in pursuit of victory, leaves defenders breathless in his wake. The ball adheres to his feet like a loyal companion, executing his commands with seamless precision. The net shivers and quivers as he unleashes his goal-scoring prowess, leaving goalkeepers grappling with mere echoes of his audacious strikes.


As the curtain falls on his tenure with Rangers FC, a chapter comes to an end. The memories etched in the annals of that institution will linger, a testament to his contribution. The void left behind serves as a testament to the mark he has made. Yet, the tide of time spares no one, not even footballing prodigies. The supporters who once chanted his name in unison now look to the horizon with bated breath, yearning for his magic to unfold in the heart of Saudi Arabia.


Sakala’s odyssey aligns with a burgeoning trend in the footballing cosmos — a migration to the Middle East in pursuit of new canvases to paint one’s legacy. The allure of fresh challenges, the symphony of a different footballing culture, and the intrigue of unfamiliar stadiums beckon players to embark on these quests.


In this juncture of his journey, Sakala emerges as a phoenix, his ambitions casting a glow that transcends borders. AL-fayha FC becomes not just a team, but a theater for his creativity. The realm of the unknown unfurls before him, and he steps onto the stage with a determination that resonates with each kick of the ball. As the sands of Saudi Arabia whisper their secrets, Sakala readies himself to inscribe his name on them, intertwining his legacy with the tale of AL-fayha FC.



To the amazing fans and supporters of my football career,I have good news to share with you❤️

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have joined AL-Fayha Football Club! I am excited to join this team.

The opportunity to be part of AL-Fayha is an honor and a challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace. I am filled with optimism and determination as I look forward to contributing my passion, and dedication to the success of the team.

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me throughout my journey. I am determined to make you proud in this new chapter of my career.


Read:1 Thessalonians 5:8🙏🏿

Thank you so much for your support really appreciate you all❤️🙏🏿






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