Iniko – The King’s Affirmation

Iniko – The King’s Affirmation 

American alternative R&B singer-songwriter Iniko released a new song “The King’s Affirmation” on April 29, 2020.
The song is their second single of 2022, following “Hourglass”.
They teased the song on TiKTok, where the song video has garnered over 20M views.
It was written by lniko Didin and produced by Ekela.
Iniko told Sweety High about the song, “’The King’s Affirmation’ was inspired by a Nicki Minaj song. My goal was to approach that beat as if it was given to me. I knew I could not hold back as far as what I wanted to be felt when it was heard. I knew that whatever I wrote had to be extremely intentional to the reality I am currently creating for myself. I am known for reimagining and reworking popular songs on TikTok. These lyrics came to me through challenging myself in this way.”

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