J.O.B – Ba Pulumuseni (Mutale Mwanza,Aualasking Diss)

J.O.B - Ba Pulumuseni (Mutale Mwanza,Aualasking Diss)

J.O.B – Ba Pulumuseni (Mutale Mwanza,Aualasking Diss)

J.O.B, also known as Jonah, is a Zambian musician and rapper who has gained popularity for his socially conscious and politically charged lyrics. In his song “Ba Pulumuseni”, which is a direct diss track towards fellow Zambian rappers Mutale Mwanza and Aualasking, J.O.B uses his lyrical prowess to call out the two artists for what he perceives as their lack of originality and poor music quality.

The song “Ba Pulumuseni” starts off with a strong beat and an intro by J.O.B, where he directly addresses Mutale Mwanza and Aualasking, calling them out for their lack of creativity in their music. He states that they have been recycling the same lyrics and beats in their songs, which has led to a lack of diversity and originality in the Zambian music industry. J.O.B further goes on to suggest that their music lacks substance and has no impact on society.

Throughout the song, J.O.B uses wordplay and clever rhymes to drive home his point, stating that Mutale Mwanza and Aualasking are just copying the style of other artists without bringing anything new to the table. He also takes shots at their fashion sense, suggesting that they are more concerned with their appearance than their music.

In the second verse, J.O.B continues his attack on the two rappers, accusing them of being fake and insincere in their music. He argues that they are more interested in fame and fortune than using their platform to make a positive impact on society. J.O.B suggests that they are not true representatives of the Zambian people, and that their music is a reflection of their shallow and superficial personalities.

Overall, “Ba Pulumuseni” is a powerful and hard-hitting diss track that showcases J.O.B’s lyrical prowess and ability to address important issues in the Zambian music industry. Through his use of clever wordplay and sharp rhymes, J.O.B makes a strong case for the need for more originality and substance in Zambian music. While the song may have caused controversy among fans of Mutale Mwanza and Aualasking, it serves as a reminder of the importance of using music as a means to effect positive change in society.

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