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Towela Kaira Faces Nadia Nakai and Makhadzi at 2023 AFRIMMA Awards

Towela Kaira Faces Nadia Nakai and Makhadzi at 2023 AFRIMMA Awards

Towela Kaira Faces Nadia Nakai and Makhadzi at 2023 AFRIMMA Awards

Towela Kaira’s journey through the vibrant tapestry of African music has led her to a remarkable juncture: a nomination at the illustrious 2023 AFRIMMA Awards. This recognition doesn’t merely place her in a lineup but rather in a fierce battleground of talent and expression.

The stage is set for a clash of titans as Towela readies herself to safeguard her AFRIMMA title, a distinction earned through the echoes of her melodic prowess and undeniable stage presence. This isn’t merely a competition; it’s a testament to her dedication and sonic artistry.

Yet, in this symphony of rivalry, her fellow contenders aren’t to be overlooked. Nadia Nakai, a lyrical enchantress, weaves words into a tapestry of emotions, while Makhadzi, a powerhouse of energy, unleashes a whirlwind of beats that resonate through the very core.

Beyond these luminaries stand a roster of talents, the “and others” who, while unnamed here, are far from insignificant. Each note, each verse, carries the weight of a unique narrative, and as the stage lights flare, they collectively craft a story of the diversity and richness of African music.

The AFRIMMA Awards aren’t just a night of glamour and accolades; they’re a canvas upon which these artists paint their aspirations, struggles, and identities. Towela’s triumph last year was a testament to her artistry, but this year’s showdown beckons her to reaffirm her mettle in a landscape where creativity knows no bounds.

As the curtain rises on this captivating spectacle, Towela Kaira stands center stage, her presence a fusion of grace and determination. The music swells, hearts race, and amidst the cheers and applause, the soul of African music finds its voice, nuanced and diverse, bursting forth in a celebration of what it means to be an artist, a contender, and above all, a creator.


Ami Faku– South Africa

Tamy Moyo – Zimbabwe

Mpho Sebina – Botswana

Dj Zhinle- South Africa

Sha Sha – Zimbabwe

Nadia Nakai – South Africa

Towela – Zambia

Makhadzi – South Africa

Tyla – South Africa






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