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Yo Maps Song CHALE Gets Deleted On All Platforms For Sampling from Drax Africa’s Song SHALE.

Yo Maps Song ”Chale” Gets Banned For Copying Drax Africa’s Song Shale On All Platforms Including Facebook Videos

Yo Maps Song CHALE Gets Deleted On All Platforms For Sampling from Drax Africa’s Song SHALE.

Yo Maps’ Chale melody has been erased on all stages since it has been found that he examined Drax Africa’s tune with the craftsmen consent

The Couple gave off an impression of being discontent with The Aweah hit creator who appears to have no restriction while making melodies.


Zambia Report, an online entertainment page reports:

A convenient and kindly suggestion to all craftsmen out there, you sacrificially put your absolute best in your music to engage, spur and motivate individuals from varying backgrounds. You all have various crowds and music classes you’re well versed in and individuals love you for what your identity is. Be that as it may, a circumstance where a few major and laid out specialists begin to take or choke out ability saw to be a danger to them is unsatisfactory.

Take for example, Yo Maps and Drax Africa have been battling behind the scenes over the ‘CHALE’ or ‘DON’T Pressure ME’ tune accepted to have been duplicated or examined from Drax Africa’s impending melody ‘SHALE’.

This matter has been so serious to such an extent that ‘Yo Maps’ tune has been brought somewhere around Facebook for copyright encroachment and more recordings for the equivalent ‘Chale’ or ‘Don’t Pressure Me’ tune posted on different stages have been pulled somewhere near YouTube for a similar explanation.

As concerned music craftsmen , we would encourage different specialists to discover that taking another person’s work and imagine as though you own it is a wrongdoing deserving of Regulation.

In this music industry you’re holding nothing back, learn constantly from others or teaming up with those you feel can enhance what you as of now have.

On the off chance that you’re a maker, show young makers how to create great music so one day they may likewise motivate others. Assuming you’re a craftsman, show those young specialists you feel need some assistance with the goal that the heritage might proceed. Taking from one another won’t ever construct areas of strength for a so that the world might hear. We as a whole realize that our Zambian music industry has for quite a while been battling for a worldwide stage. I firmly trust that joining for a shared objective as craftsmen, makers and as music darlings will one day fabricate a lovely and strong music industry for the country.

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