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Zambia Kuchalo Reached One Million Boomplay Streams in Just One Day – Y Celeb

Zambia Kuchalo Reached One Million Boomplay Streams in Just One Day - Y Celeb

Zambia Kuchalo Reached One Million Boomplay Streams in Just One Day – Y Celeb

Super Government and World Wide Music Founder Y Celeb dropped his most anticipated album called “Zambia Kuchalo” the album which consists of 21 Songs received alot of support and it has finally reached 1 Million Views In 24 hours of its release.

In appreciation Super Mulolo aka Y Celeb Wrote

A Heartfelt Appreciation for the Astonishing Success of “ZAMBIA KU CHALO” with 1 Million Streams in Just One Day on Boomplay!


Dear Fans, Supporters, and Music Lovers,


We are absolutely thrilled and immensely grateful to announce that “ZAMBIA KU CHALO,” our latest album, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by crossing the remarkable mark of 1 million streams within a single day on the incredible platform that is Boomplay! We cannot express enough how overwhelmed and appreciative we are of your unwavering support and love for our music.


With every beat, lyric, and melody poured into “ZAMBIA KU CHALO,” it was our sincere endeavor to connect with you on a deeper level, to share the essence of Zambian culture, and to ignite a passion that resonates within each listener. The fact that our music has touched the hearts of so many within such a short span of time is beyond our wildest dreams, and we are filled with immense gratitude.


This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our incredible team, who poured their hearts and souls into making this album a reality. We extend our deepest appreciation to our talented musicians, producers, songwriters, sound engineers, and everyone involved in the creation of “ZAMBIA KU CHALO.” Your perseverance and passion have truly paid off, and we are honored to have you as part of this musical journey.


Of course, none of this would have been possible without the unending support of our fans and listeners. Your enthusiasm, loyalty, and eagerness to embrace our music have been the driving force behind this extraordinary accomplishment. We are truly humbled by the way you have embraced “ZAMBIA KU CHALO” and made it a part of your lives. Your streaming, sharing, and spreading the word about our music have undoubtedly propelled us to this remarkable feat.


We understand that this achievement is not just ours alone; it belongs to each and every one of you who has streamed, shared, and supported “ZAMBIA KU CHALO.” Your enthusiasm has ignited a spark within us, and we promise to continue creating music that resonates with your soul, uplifts your spirits, and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Zambia.


Once again, from the depths of our hearts, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our fans, supporters, and music lovers who have made this exceptional milestone a reality. Your love and support inspire us to push boundaries, explore new horizons, and create music that touches the hearts of millions.


Together, let us celebrate this remarkable achievement as we embark on an exciting musical journey, forever connected by the melodies and rhythms of “ZAMBIA KU CHALO.” Stay tuned for more enchanting music, captivating stories, and unforgettable moments!


With profound gratitude,







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